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New method of intrauterine insemination that promotes the spermatozoa closer to the oocytes by flushing the tubes. In cases of oligospermia, sperm pooling is beneficial. Success rate 30% or more.


It is applied in cases of unexplained infertility, mild to moderate male infertility, mild and moderate endometriosis.

IUTPI is a dynamic process that promotes the spermatozoa closer to the oocytes by flushing the tubes (RBMOnline 2012) In this way, they retain their energy and their fertilizing ability. In contrast, conventional insemination (IUI) is a passive process in which the spermatozoa are simply placed in the uterus and left to proceed to the positions of fertilization on their own.

Spermatozoa need 30-50 μm / sec to cover 15 – 20 cm, thus, they need an hour, or an a hour and a half,  to reach, worn out,  the oocytes. With IUTPI, spermatozoa reach their destination quickly and effortlessly.  

 The method’s effectiveness relies on the use of 10 ml of inseminated sperm against the 1 – 4 ml of sperm used in the classical method of insemination (IUI). In addition, the specially designed, by Dr. Leonidas Mamas,  DNB Speculum, clamps the cervix avoiding any reflux of the inseminated sperm. Spermatozoa are, thus, pushed along the whole female genital tract (uterus, fallopian tubes, pouch of Douglas) closer to the sites where fertilization takes place. 

IntraUterine Tubo  Peritoneal Insemination (IUTPI), is a pioneering method of insemination, painless, well tolerated, both physically and psychologically, requiring less hormonal prescriptions and cost effective. In the 15 years of its implementation, the results are very encouraging reaching 30 % per attempt.

IUTPI’s positive results have been published in the medical journal ‘Fertility and Sterility’, March 2006 issue (.pdf) and presented in various international congresses (San Francisco 2008, Athens 2009) causing great interest among scientists and couples. 



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A significant number of women with previous, unsuccessful IVF attempts, have achieved pregnancy with this  new method of insemination, the  IntraUterine Tubo  Peritoneal Insemination (IUTPI) 




You may watch the procedure here: